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Show Reviews:

“Fierce! Juan Carlos Brings The Forgotten Essence Of
The Magical Comedic Performances That Where
The Bread And Butter Of "La Epoca De Oro Del Cine
Mexicano".  His Words Are Followed By A Presence
So Sincere That It Will Make You Believe Every
Sentence Of His Romantic Spell. 
J.C Delivers A New Take On All The Mexicano Struggles,
Embracing The Typical Stereotypes And Delivering
Them To His Audience With A Funny Twist,
His Comedy Has A Message, Not Political
Nor religious. But Of Pure Enjoyment With
Education And Enlightenment.
 - A.P

"Ladies let's talk, no for real for real, this cats got
all handsome, charm and grace and makes you
feel like you are the most special woman in the
room and very his comedy, his crew,
his work, let the laughter begin!
Truly Juan Carlos keep up the outstanding work.
You've got style!

"Juan Carlos will admit he’s not a star — at least, not yet
— but he’s getting closer.
He’ll be the headliner Nov 12. at the Purple Onion,
This spot has launched the careers of some of the
most important names in stand-up comedy."
-Dan Taylor

"Simply Amazing, People believe in him.
those who see his act will fall in love with his words.
every joke presents hard work and hours of stage time,
which converts into a pinnacle of remedy to
conventional projects or old fart jokes." 
Michael Oteron

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